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Rookery Equine Ltd

Hector Fernandez - Horse Trainer and Behaviourist -17th September 2022 11am

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Do you have a horse that is refusing to load? or maybe he is difficult when your farrier is around? How about mounting? does your horse stand still for you whilst you get on him? or maybe he is a little too bolshie with his ground manners!

If you have any of these issues, then Hector may be the man to help!

We are asking for clients to come forward with their own horse that they are having issues with and if they are happy for Hector to work with an audience, one lucky owner will receive a free training session on the night.

This informative demonstration will ensure you go away armed with new techniques to harmonize the partnership you have with your trust steed!

About Hector - 

Born in Spain, raised by the world! Hector has spent a lot of time in different parts of Europe including Spain, Portugal, Poland and UK. "Horses for me, are the vocation I was born to work with, My childhood happiness was  when i would spend hours at a time observing horse behaviour at the two stud farms in my village where I grew up.

Now, horses are the center of my life, Having studied natural horsemanship I can use this training in both groundwork and ridden applications. My aim is to train horses with a method that will ensure they are mentally stable, confident, relaxed and behave correctly at all times.

For me, a trained horse knows what you are asking from him, whether this be cleaning, picking up feet, tacking up, mounting, riding, lunging to name a few and accept this process without argument.

All my work is oriented to achieve these results whilst ensuring the horse stays calm and relaxed throughout the training process. 
These tickets are strictly limited and there will be no payment on the door.
Ticket to include light refreshments
Raffle on the day with all profits to World Horse Welfare