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Rookery Equine Ltd

Massage & Salt Chamber Clinic

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Rookery Equine are delighted to announce we have partnered up with Three Counties Equine Therapy to offer a brand new combined therapy session to help horses that suffer with equine coughs. This therapy will be beneficial to a variety of horses and ponies whether competing at a high level or enjoying a more leisurely lifestyle.

This clinic will be offered twice per month on the 1st and 3rd Friday. The session cost is £49 and includes the following -

30 minute Massage therapy administered on the pectoral muscle and abdomen, including the area in and around the ribcage to help increase breathing capacity, plus tapotement of the back.

Benefits of massage –

Improved breathing.

Massage helps to loosen and lengthen the muscles, allowing the horse to relax and improve his breathing capacity.

Deeper Breathing.

Massage breaks down adhesions in the muscles, moving the body away from stress and into a more relaxed state. When the horse is fully relaxed, his lungs can expand to their full capacity, allowing for deeper breathing.

Less Mucus

Massage causes vibration through the body. This causes the mucus in the lungs to loosen, clearing the airway to ensure easier breathing.

Improved Posture

Massage has been proven to promote a better posture. Improved posture allows the chest to open up, creating an expanse of space for improved lung function.

This massage is then followed by a 20 minute salt chamber session, this room is designed to mimic the salt caves of eastern Europe, where it is believed that the atmospheric salts, once inhaled absorb irritants, including allergens and toxins from the respiratory system.

Benefits of Halotherapy -

Holistic Treatment

This is a complete drug-free therapy, reducing the need for medication.

Immune system

The dry salt treatment can improve the symptoms of respiratory conditions in both the upper and lower tract.


Air passages can become inflamed, often triggered by an irritant, which causes them to constrict and impede airflow.

Stress & Pain Free

The room has been designed so your horse can wander around the stable like setting, ensuring they remain stress free throughout the treatment.