Limfa Therapy Success Stories


 Todd is now due to be ridden once more.

DAMAGED TENDON - This horse managed to back into the corner of a farrier's metal box and crush his tendon.

Due to the nature of the injury 'crush' there was no options to veterinary interaction to help speed the recovery process.

The horse arrived lame and with a huge swelling on his hind leg.

1 month and 12 Limfa sessions on 'connective tissue repair' and he has had the all clear from the vet to continue work.

'Hi Vicky fab news from vet today. He agreed the swelling on his leg has gone down lots and he trotted up so much better. Upon scan he was very surprised at how fast the tendon had healed, compared to his last scan last month. Vet says it is very positive feedback for the Limfa and he can start to go out - yippee!!!

Thank you for all you have done for him this past month, i am so glad I sent him to you and I will continue to recommend you to everyone I speak to!'

The huge swelling on the tendon sheath!

ARTHRITIC HOCK AND ENFLAMED R/H SUSPENSORY - Over-excitedness in the field led to this chap coming over to Rookery Equine.

After only 1 session on 'anti-inflammatory and connective tissue repair' the swelling on the leg had reduced by over 2 cm!


Before Treatment               After 1 Session

SPLINT THERAPY - Limfa therapy is proving time and time again to reduce splint sizes.
This horse is now halfway through his sessions (they decided to go for maximum dose of 12) before show season commences.


Before Treatment         After 6 Sessions

L/F MEDIAL SUSPENSORY BRANCH INJURY - Mooney managed to damage the medial branch of his suspensory ligament. He had 6 sessions of Limfa therapy over a 2 week period on 'connective tissue repair' this started on 11th January 2024. He was rescanned on 14th February 2024 and the medial branch has repaired and the horse is beginning to return back to work.

During one of his Limfa Treatments!


Splint Therapy sessions - Results after just 6 Sessions 

Before Sessions             After 2 Sessions             After 6 Sessions