Insurance & Payout Information

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing veterinary intervention for your horse and you have an insurance policy in place, most policies will cover alternative therapies either as part of your veterinary treatment amount or as an extra in your policy. We always recommend you contact your policy provider to confirm if this is available and also what amount it is covered up to as this can change significantly between different policies.

It is always beneficial to discuss with your vet and insurance provider before agreeing to any therapies that they are both happy for you to proceed with this as part of the rehabilitation program as it makes things a lot less complicated when it comes to payout.

What is alternative therapies and what is covered?

Alternative therapies are machines designed to help speed up the recovery process and build strength following injury or ailments.

These can include electrotherapies like Limfa, Tecar, Laser, PEMF, PMST, plus many other techniques or Water Treadmill and Cryotherapy (hydrotherapy) sessions.

Remedial farriery and physiotherapy also fall under the alternative therapy window in insurance policies.

What is not covered?

Although most policies will pay for ambulatory transportation to vet practices and hospitals, they will not pay for visits to rehabilitation centers.

Some policies will pay for livery but most exclude this and only pay for machines used in rehabilitation, they also exclude hand walking, riding, lunging, long reigning (the consensus being that if you can do this at home they will not pay out on it!).

It is always worth checking that wherever you are choosing to send your horse for rehab that they are fully qualified to use the therapies as most insurance providers are now asking for this before payouts are made. If you are wanting to send your horse to Rookery Equine, we can confirm we are fully qualified and have been working with Insurance providers for over 6 years with a 100% payout record!

How do I book my horse in for rehab?

Once we have discussed your horses needs and have found a mutually convenient date for your horse to proceed with his rehabilitation, we ask for a £60 non-refundable deposit. This deposit secures your stable for the duration of your horses stay. The £60 deposit is then deducted from your first weeks livery cost.

depending on how long your horse is staying with us and the complexity of the rehab, we usually invoice on a weekly basis to ensure the livery costs align with the time allocated for your horse as most need longer as they get stronger.

We do suggest that you do not send the invoices to your insurance provider until the rehabilitation has been completed as we do find that this ensures the payout is a lot faster, the insurance providers will not pay out for treatments not yet completed!

We hope this helps you to have a better understanding of insurance policies before your horse begins his rehabilitation and any questions we have not answered here we would be happy to discuss.