Collection: Livery

We pride ourselves on the care and attention we offer to each livery that comes in to visit us here at Rookery Equine. We are available to offer a number of livery options for box rest, rehabilitation, fitness and holiday livery.

What does the cost involve?

Your livery costs (excluding box rest) this includes up to 100 minutes per week of ANY of our electrotherapy equipment, hydrotherapy, hand walking, lungeing, riding or long reigning, (if you require, more minutes can be added)

Ad lib hay/haylage, horse walker and turn out pen.

We use shavings as our choice of bedding.

All we require from you is hard feed and supplements!

The stables are all fully matted out with automated feeders and a 12 x 12 turn out pen on hard standing which will be open from 9am to 6pm each day. We understand that horses are herd animals and the hardest part of rehabilitation for these creatures is that they lose their usual routine at home, and this can lead to them becoming upset and stressed when their friends are going out into the field and they are not. The individual turn out pens provide them with a safe environment where they can socialize without the added risk of reinjury.

You will also receive regular updates through pictures and videos during your horses stay, providing you with peace of mind that your horse is well cared for.

We have 3 qualified staff members that all live on-site and regularly check the CCTV that is installed in each stable to ensure your horse is happy and safe.