Equine Respiratory, Skin Problems, Equine Weight Loss and Equine Strength Building Case Studies



Flash was suffering with symptoms of sweet-itch as well as showing persistent breathing problems. A huge thank you to Stef and Flash for this lovely feedback. We look forward to seeing you both again soon!

My boy visited the Rookery for the 3 day Salt Chamber Therapy in February 2020, having stumbled upon this wonderful place whilst searching for something to help his skin and breathing.

I have owned Flash for 2 years and unfortunately he suffers from terrible skin, particularly in the summer where he is thought to have sweet itch. I have trialled many natural supplements without much luck and then end up in a battle with him feeling itchy and the having to prevent this, alongside some head shaking and in general being really wound up with all the irritations. It is heartbreaking to see him suffer, so I thought I had nothing to lose terying some salt chamber therapy!

We arrived at the Rookery and was greeted by a fantastic team of people who genuinely care about your four legged friend and truly treat them as part of the family.

I received regular updates during his stay and felt completely at ease that he was ‘On Holiday’.

Since being home he hasn’t coughed and his breathing is clear. He has calmed down on the itching and just has an itch like all horses would!

He appears to be much more content and settled in himself, I truly believe that this has helped him.

I look forward to visiting again soon and would recommend the place to anyone!




Woody came to us for a 3 day salt-chamber treatment. He had terribly itchy and swollen legs, and his regular treatments and topical creams didn’t help. After his stay his owner has a happier horse and has found a way to manage the problem.

My horse Woody recently visited Rookery Equine for the salt chamber therapy to see if it would help with his skin.

Woody has had really itchy legs since I bought him 5 years ago, he has regular detromax injections and is clipped to help alleviate the issues.

He gets ‘Monday leg’ behind his front legs and on the back legs, his fetlocks swell up and become sore and itchy due his skin condition where the folds of skin rub together and the sweat etc irritates the skin. We have only been able to manage but not treat this issue.

I dropped him off on the Wednesday to start his 3 day treatments, he had a scab behind his front leg and was swollen behind both hind fetlocks. He was still stamping his feet and was very itchy when he left my yard.

When he came home on the Friday, the scab had pretty much cleared up and looked so much better. The swelling and soreness on his hind fetlocks had reduced to the point he was not stamping and he was a lot less itchy.

Woody actually seems a lot happier in himself currently and seems much more comfortable. We will be bringing him back for top-ups monthly to see if this can be managed to make his life more comfortable moving forwards.

The whole experience from start to finish was lovely and I trust that my horse was very well cared for, receiving regular updates and pictures from his time there. I would definitely recommend trying this if you have a horse with similar issues because it seems to have helped Woody where topical creams etc haven’t!




Jack came to stay with us to build strength prior to starting his career as a ridden horse.

My young horse Jack was backed and turned away last autumn but was still physically immature when bringing him back this spring. I felt that we needed a head start in building top line in order for him to carry a rider.

The idea of developing muscle with minimal stress of young joints seemed like a no brainier! He spent a week here and looked amazing when we went to pick him up. He was so well cared for and came home a happy little horse. 


Jack one week before arriving                   Jack back with his owner         


Bagheera came to stay with us as he was suffering severe breathing difficulties and his owner was at a loss as to what to do to help him.

He stayed for 2 weeks. During this time he had a 3 day consecutive salt chamber treatment, followed by water treadmill sessions aimed at re-introducing him to fitness, with a follow-up salt chamber session before leaving.

The results have been wonderful! Please enjoy reading the below message we received from his owner Karen:

❤️Dear Team Rookery❤️

It has been just over two weeks since Bagheera was with you at Rookery and I cannot believe the change in him.

He has gone from not being able to anything to doing a good schooling session and even yesterday in the heat we actually jumped a good course of jumps something which was impossible before he came to you.

Two days after he came home my vet came to check him over after being with them on the 5th June for Endoscopy/tracheal wash for a lower lung problem. He found that his breathing was normal (!!), which after all the steroids and sputolosin from 2nd December 2019 is remarkable.

I just can’t believe it and I just wanted to let you all know how pleased I am with your expert advice and knowledge and for the care you gave Bagheera on his two weeks at the Rookery. Your updates and videos of him enjoying himself was reassuring to see.

I would also like to compliment you on your facilities and your friendly approach, especially with the social distancing in place you made us feel most welcome.

I would not hesitate to recommend your spa facilities to anyone!

Bagheera will be back for another visit soon. I have attached a photo of him doing what he likes best.


                     Bagherra back in action 



This mare visited Rookery in preparation for surgery. Awaiting surgery for a bone chip, she needed to shed some weight. After one week of daily water treadmill sessions, horse walker and restricted turnout, Isla dropped an impressive 13kg!



Upon arrival                                         Following treatments



This mare visited Rookery for weekly water treadmill sessions from the end of July to the beginning of October 2020. The water treadmill allows to build muscle without causing strain, and the change in muscle mass in this visitor is very evident.

I can’t believe the difference in my girls muscle development since end of July with weekly water treadmill sessions!!

Still some building to go but I can already feel the benefits in her work. Great place and facilities and lovely staff who care about the horses. Couldn’t be more pleased!


Before - prior to treatments                After - following treatments