"Sent our big girl here for some fitness and rehab after a tendon problem... what a fabulous set up! Vicky and the girls are lovely and are very knowledgeable. She has come back like an athlete! Could not have asked for me. Thank you everyone at Rookery."

" I sent my horse Holly May here to have 3 salt chamber treatments to help with Malanders . She spent 2 nights here and was looked after very well and the treatment has helped the malanders. I cannot thank the staff enough for looking after her."

"Excellent facilities and a very knowledgeable team! We have been using the Water Treadmill every other week for over a year, initially as a rehab and later for maintenance. Regular water treadmill sessions on an incline have become a part  of our routine and play a huge part in developing muscle and fitness without impact."

"Super facility and a team who spent time ensuring that my somewhat wuss of a pony was happy with his treadmill sessions. Highly recommend!!"

" I have been meaning to do this for some time now. It's taken time as I thought I needed time how I can put into words about my experience with the team here. No words can explain the support I have had from them. They are always at the end of the phone and they have supported me all the way since when I first visit Rookery. I wish they were closer to where I live, but I thought it would be a mice day out for me and my horse. Plus I wanted to learn about salt therapy as my horse sadly has asthma. Not realising they they were about to be a big part of my life, I felt like giving up at times. But Vicky who I can't thank enough turned my life around for me and my horse. The effort and support she gave me was above and beyond - A very special lady. I am privileged to have met her. My horse is off all drugs at the moment. Thank you." 

"Excellent service! Friendly staff, knowledgeable and helpful, would highly recommend."

"Amazing experience! Took Newton my Haflinger to help with muscle gain and strength to the water treadmill. Staff are amazing and a lovely place. Thank you all."

"Amazing place with amazing facilities & staff, there so warm friendly & welcoming. The level of care they provide to each individual horse is 1st class. A Fantastic place and Fantastic team. My horse is very settled & happy there he loves it."
"I had my horse on the two week water treadmill livery package and I couldn’t have felt more comfortable leaving Alfie with Rookery Equine. All questions I could possibly have were answered with an incredibly understanding attitude. From their thorough care and exercise routines to their friendly atmosphere, they left me feeling so confident in my decision. The development of his top line and hind end muscles was substantial and gave us the help we needed to ensure the rest of his rehabilitation ran smoothly. I look forward to bringing him back for some individual water treadmill sessions in the future! Highly recommend!"
"Everyone at Rookery where so inviting and helpful when we arrived. Total care was taken when we arrived in terms of what care my horse required throughout the week. Their daily updates put me at ease for the week knowing he was receiving the best care and looked like he was enjoying himself! As I also think he didn’t want to come Home as all’s he did was shout when we where leaving! He will definitely be returning. Thanks to all the rookery team for taking such good care of Fergie and putting me at ease throughout the week."
"Jett came back happy and relaxed and immaculate."
"Fantastic fatalities very friendly staff very professional and a beautiful place for horses to have the care they need at all time ❤🙂"
"I see great value in bringing my horse to this venue for fitness work, or holiday livery and I would not hesitate for rehab purposes."
"Outstanding care is always provided by the team at Rookery. Their attention to detail is incredible. They gave me regular updates while I was away and always ensured the horses were relaxed and happy while getting the most out of their treatments. As for Rookery’s Facilities are without question the best in the market. Thank you Rookery."
"Brilliant service , professional staff can’t fault care and service." 
After scans, nerve blocks and being treated at the vets we took Molly straight to Rookery as she had to be on box rest (Molly won’t stable at our home and will do more damage to herself) luckily there was a free stable for her. Molly settled quickly and was very happy at Rookery. After a weeks box rest Vicky spoke to our vet on what would be the best treatments for Molly to start strengthening her leg, she had daily salt water spa and was put on the combi floor. Nothing was ever too much trouble and as we had a holiday booked we were able to leave Molly another week at Rookery knowing she was safe, happy and building up to start work with my daughter when we got back."
"Love it"
"Extremely friendly and caring staff"
"Excellent visit - fab facilities and team at Rookery. Would always recommend."
"World class facilities, the team at Rookery are superb! Can’t wait to get back."
"Amazing !! Such a difference in Charlie’s fitness and the muscle he has gained that we have always struggled with , staff are very knowledgeable and helpful and it’s a very friendly environment x" 
"Great service and wonderful staff."
"Very professional. Great facilities - loads of updates. My go to place for Bob when he need fitness, rehab or holiday livery."
"Very organised, clean and professional"
"Been multiple times and I’m always impressed with the venue and the staff. My mare is always treated with kindness and consideration and the staff have managed without issue to get her into both water treatments plus other therapies. Very knowledgeable and genuinely interested in the best ways to assist your rehab needs."
"Professional, friendly service. Everywhere was immaculate, clean and tidy!"
"Knowledge staff that handled stressy horses every well!"
"The ponies love going for a treatment at Rookery Equine . I’ve definitely noticed a real benefit for using the treadmill and I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone wanting to enhance their horse or ponies performance."
"The staff are always friendly and we look forward to going back again in the near future."
"Always helpful friendly staff making the whole process a nice easy one for the horse."
"Great service."
"Brilliant experience for horse and us - both really getting stronger!"
"Horse came back looking and feeling great"
"The yard is lovely, the facilities and staff were brilliant and Woody was treated like a Prince! He went to see if the salt chamber treatment would help with his itchy skin, as he suffers will mallenders and really itchy legs (mites etc ruled out so left us stumped!). There was an immediate improvement and I highly recommend the yard and the staff. Nothing was too much trouble and I got updates when he stayed over which was lovely."
"Excellent service, the horses love it and as an owner I feel that our horses are in safe hands."
"He has stopped itching and has beautifully built up muscles on his hind"
"Love the treatments from pampering them to giving them a really good workout-amazing facilities, friendly and professional."
"Really good and such helpful staff when I have multiple horses"
"Great facilities, friendly knowledgeable team, couldn’t be more helpful, and easy to get to. I will definitely be returning."
"Jasmine has been coming for regular water treadmill sessions since July 2020 and she has her muscle mass and strength improved immensely. The staff are amazing, lovely and caring and I feel completely assured Jasmine is in safe hands. I can’t praise Rookery Equine Spa enough thank you so much"
"Fantastic facilities and Moomin very much enjoys his sessions. Have definitely noticed an improvement in his fitness and he seems less stiff in his back legs"
"We started off bringing one horse but had such great results we now bring them all! Salt chamber has been great for Arthur's dermatitis as well as water treadmill for all of the horses to keep fit!"
"Mary's visit was amazing. Very professional staff and beautiful yard with a huge range of treatments. Mary really enjoyed the salt bath and the salt chamber. It worked for better than injections for her."
"Excellent facilities with very friendly and knowledgeable staff"
"Brilliant place and people are so lovely and helpful"
"I noticed a difference in my horses stride length after the first visit on the water treadmill and how it works the whole body and helps to build muscles."
"The ladies were excellent, calm, and let me lead Ella in as she was apprehensive. All COVID protocols were met and I was extremely comfortable in this regard. The yard and indoor areas are spotlessly clean. It’s always a pleasure to visit!"
"Extremely professional and welcoming atmosphere, Eleri had never been in a water treadmill before and wasn’t confident at all to walk straight in! Grace and the girls were so calm with her and slowly encouraged her in making the experience a lovely learning one. Rookery go above and beyond with their care and attention to detail - even washing and drying the horses legs off following their treatments! Wonderful staff, absolutely excellent top class facilities. Would recommend time and time again."
"Fantastic facilities with very friendly and knowledgeable people. I have trust knowing my horses are going to be well looked after."
"Lovely facilities and people"
"Teddy loved his visit! Staff were friendly and helpful and explained everything. The only reason we haven’t been back is because he has a donkey friend now who would miss him!!😌"
"Brilliant staff caring and king, excellent facilities and results after treatment
Excellent. Loved the updates"
"Friendly staff, benji very well taken care of."
"Absolutely fantastic. Dealt with a stressy mare perfectly."
"I would have been lost without Vickys help . She kept me informed daily on her progress. The price was right for the facilities offered. We had one visit and had a look around. Pumpkin was clearly relaxed, calm and very happy with her house and balcony."
"Fantastic facility and Lola was looked after brilliantly. She was fittened up and properly cared for like if she had been at home. She has returned fit and ready to do a job. I got regular updates and offered other services ie worm egg counting while she was visiting which was an added bonus. Brilliant team and did everything I asked for!"
"Absolutely fantastic - thank you for looking after Winnie"
"Rookery Equine were fabulous, they looked after my pony as if she were their own during the 3 weeks she was there. Tara was treated as a VIP! She had daily hydrotherapy on the water treadmill and several sessions on the combi plate to help relax her muscles after the hard work, and she had salt chamber therapy which is good for respiratory issues, but for her it was being used as a potential relief for EMS horses - I understand it is thought to assist in boosting the immune system. The staff even helped to 'muzzle' train her for me so that she could eventually go out for limited grazing whilst wearing the grazing muzzle. I had daily video updates and messages about her progress and her comical antics! I did not feel the need to check up on her as I was kept fully updated anyway and felt very comfortable leaving my precious little friend in their care. She also had a stable with a small pen at the back so she could go out and sun herself on her own private 'balcony' when she felt like it. I'm sure she would have been happy to stay there for ever!! :) I can't thank everyone enough. This was by far the best solution as I was able to ride her the very next day after she came home, and can now build up the regular exercise and further 'bootcamp' training. She also went out in the field for an hour per day since she came home.....happily wearing her muzzle! Result!!! (There are not enough stars, I would give it a 10 star rating). We will be back for regular day visits without a doubt."
"Very professional. Lovely people"
"Holly enjoyed her stay and the salt chamber has helped holly's malanders she had 3 treatments and goes back for a top up in 5 weeks to help keep on top of them Holly's legs have improved a lot I'm very happy and grateful to the staff for looking after her"