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Limfa Therapy

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Limfa Therapy is a non-invasive and pain free medical device that uses proprietary stimulation sequences that vary in frequency, intensity and waveform to selectively stimulate electro-sensitive ion channels that can reach depths of up to 18cm with a stable signal of intensity.

Proven to treat inflammation, arthritis, edema, Bone Repair, Neuromuscular tissue repair, connective tissue repair and pain management. Limfa therapy is completely non-invasive and pain free for your horse and can be used during chronic and acute pain episodes.

Most sessions are between 27 - 117 minutes long and will require a number of treatments for effective results. 

Please note for optimum results you will require 3 per week for 2 - 4 weeks.

If you feel you cannot commit to the number of times needed per week, please look at our livery options under Limfa Livery.

Can be used for -

Arthritis, Bone remodelling, tendon and ligament repair, splints, Inflammation, Laminitis, pain management, muscle atrophy, Stifle/Hock Injury,