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  • Activo - Med Massage and PEMF Hoof boots. Helps improve circulation and is a mobile therapy - can be used for horses on Box Rest (providing treatment will not contradict injury).  Improves Circulation, Relaxes muscles, aids recovery. Suitable for: Bruises, Cracks, Abscesses, Concussion, Inflammation, Degenerative Diseases, Fractures, Ligament/Tendon injuries, Arthritic changes, Laminitis
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Rookery Equine Ltd

Hoof boots

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For all foot related conditions

- Combines PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic therapy) and massage 

- Improves circulation 

- Aids recovery 

- Relaxes muscles 

Activo - Med Hoof boots can be used for a range of hoof conditions such as;

- Bruises

- Cracked Hooves

- Abscesses

- Concussion

- Inflammation

- Fractures

- Degenerative diseases,

- Arthritic changes

- Ligament or tendon damage

- Laminitis.